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This course explores rights and responsibilities including confidentiality, data protection, advice and guidance.


This CPD certified short course covers the principles of customer service in an organisation, how customer needs and expectations are identified, how to balance customer expectations against the organisation’s offer, how complaints are handled and legislation relating to customer service.


This course develops knowledge and understanding of leadership as required by a practising or potential first line manager.


This course will develop knowledge and understanding of how to plan and allocate work as required by a practising or potential first line manager.


Discover the roles and responsibilities for health, safety and welfare at work, how risk assessments contribute to health and safety, how to identify and control risks from common workplace hazards and procedures for responding to accidents and incidents at work.


This programme is split into four separate areas, these are: nutrition and health, exercise studies, the care and management of diabetes and mental health awareness.


This CPD certified programme includes all four zones which cover a range of topics, including the role of a first aider, managing an emergency, a range of injuries and illnesses, resuscitation and how to deal with an unconscious casualty.


This programme covers the core skills needed to deal with management responsibilities and to develop as a leader.


This course is split into manageable units, which cover how to work in end of life care, care planning in end of life care, how to provide support to manage pain and discomfort, end of life care and dementia, the role of the care worker in time of death, and understanding loss and grief.

This course is split into manageable units which cover information, advice or guidance in practice, developing interaction skills, signposting and referral, information, advice or guidance context and skills for advice providers.


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